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Ryder Innovation

Ryder Slyder Dual Storage System with Tyre levers and CO2 Storage Sleeve

Ryder Slyder Dual Storage System with Tyre levers and CO2 Storage Sleeve

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The Ryder Innovation Slyder Dual is a patented, quick release storage mechanism that can be mounted under your water bottle cage on the down tube – for mountain bike, gravel bike, road bike, commuting and ebike. 

Slyder Storage Features:

  • Patented channeled spine with customized sleeves for storing cycling essentials
  • Compatible with 16g/25g CO2 cartridges and Ryder Slug Plug/Ergo Tire levers
  • Spine fits under water bottle cage for quick and easy access
  • CO2 cartridge sleeve acts as a barrier for freeze burn when using cartridges
  • CO2 cartridges can be preloaded with head adaptor (not included)
  • Patented; Slyder System is EU and US Design Protected

Tyre levers Features:

  • Lightest tyre levers in the world
  • Ergonomic oval design for easy storage in pocket, bag or Slyder System
  • Reinforced composite construction
  • Quick access storage on Slyder System (compatible with the Ryder Slyder storage system)
  • Sold as a pair
  • Weight: 10g per lever / 20g per set

Manufacturers Overview:

The Ergolight Bicycle Tyre Levers are the lightest in the world, providing a lightweight and reliable solution for cyclists.

Crafted with reinforced composite materials, these levers feature an ergonomic oval design that fits easily in your pocket, bag or Slyder System. With quick access storage on Slyder System, you can always have the levers close at hand for any repair. Sold as a pair, each lever weighs just 10g, making a total weight of only 20g per set.

Don't leave home without the Ergolight Bicycle Tyre Levers.

The Slyder Dual Storage System. This system fits neatly under your water bottle cage and comes equipped with two sleeves: one for the Ryder Innovation Slug Plug (which is included) and the other for a CO2 cylinder (cylinder not included).

With our neat, efficient, affordable, and accessible storage system, we've once again made sure that you can get back on your bike and riding in no time.

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