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Ryder Innovation

Ryder Nutcracker Valve Tool

Ryder Nutcracker Valve Tool

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Ryder Innovation Nutcracker valve core tool + rim nut remover with hydraulic disc brake pad spreader storage space for valve core – valve core included.

About this item:

  • A patented “v” gripping design, which is capable of handling any valve rim nut, negating the need for pliers to be carried on the bike
  • An easy to access valve core removal tool at the end of the “v”
  • A spare Presta valve core stored within the tool
  • A reinforced stainless steel spine for additional strength especially when using the disc brake pad spreader
  • A repair tool which is small, neat and convenient to carry while riding
  • EU and US Design Patent Protected    

Manufacturers Overview:

The Nutcracker is a must-have tool from Ryder Innovation that can save you from unexpected troubles on top of the mountain.

While tubeless conversion kits are excellent, the sealant can make the valve’s rim nut tightly fastened against the rim, making it difficult to unscrew and fit a tube when needed. Traditional pliers might not do the trick, but the Nutcracker's unique design allows for easy loosening.

Additionally, when your valve core remover gets stuck in the valve, the Nutcracker has you covered. This compact tool is neatly packaged and, while you might not need it frequently, you'll be grateful to have it when the time comes (and so will your friends).


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