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Ryder Innovation

Ryder Luberetta with 125ml Ryder Wax Lube

Ryder Luberetta with 125ml Ryder Wax Lube

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Luberetta, the Ryder Innovation, patented, award-winning compact chain lube dispenser for bicycles – 8,9,10,11,12 speed chain compatible – for Road bike, mountain bike, commute bike, ebike + 125ml environmentally friendly wax bike chain lube. 

About this item:

  • Patented silicone dispenser puts a drop on each link
  • No mess or wastage
  • Perfectly sealed with pincap to keep the unit from clogging and the lube from drying out

Prefilled with 125ml Ryder Wax Lube:

  • Suitable for both road & off-road use in all weather conditions
  • Environmentally friendly: water-based wax lube with citrus oil tackifier
  • Friction-reducing formula improves shifting and reduces drivetrain noise.
  • US, EU, UK, and ZA Design Protected
  • International Patent Pending

Manufacturers Overview:

Lubing a bicycle chain is crucial for proper maintenance and optimal performance. However, many cyclists tend to neglect this important task due to the perceived mess involved and the difficulty in applying the lube correctly to each chain link. This can lead to inefficiencies while riding and even the risk of the chain breaking.

To address this issue, we designed the Luberetta chain guide, which simplifies the lubing process while ensuring that each link receives adequate lubrication in the middle of the link where it should be. Our patented silicon dispenser, which took two years to perfect, uses surface tension to hold a drop of lube and releases it when it hits a link. Simply backpedalling with Luberetta attached to the inside bottom half of the chain applies the lube, eliminating waste and mess.

Our patented pincap also ensures no lube leakage during storage or transportation. We also offer a larger offset bottle, containing 125ml of environmentally friendly chain wax lube, which can be easily applied with our unique offset head. This larger bottle can provide at least 20 applications, making lubing your chain a quick and easy task.

Luberetta is unmatched in its performance and was recognized as one of the award-winning accessories of 2021 at the Eurobike International show in Germany.




Patented applicator head

The Patented dispenser is designed to apply a drop of lube on every link as the chain is rotated. This makes it quick, easy and most importantly cleaner than any other chain lube on the market. The quicker it is, the more likely it is that you will do it more often, reducing drive train wear and improving your shifting. 

Replaceable Silicon inserts:

The Luberetta comes with an extra Silicon applicator. Chains are highly destructive and so when the head wears out, you can replace the applicator with a new one, adding a new lease of life to your favorite chain lube applicator.

Specially formulated Ryder Wax chain lube

The Ryder Wax chain lube with citrus tackifier offers exceptional lubrication, improving shifting and reducing drivetrain noise. The tackifier helps the wax lube to migrate into the links and to metal-on-metal wear areas.

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