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Ryder Innovation

Ryder Luberetta Compact Chain Lube Dispenser

Ryder Luberetta Compact Chain Lube Dispenser

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Luberetta, the Ryder Innovation, patented, award-winning compact chain lube dispenser for bicycles – 8, 9,10,11,12 speed chain compatible – for Road bike, mountain bike, commute bike, ebike – ready to fill.

About this item:

  • Patented silicone dispenser puts a drop on each link
  • No mess or wastage
  • Lubes your chain in seconds
  • Perfectly sealed with pincap to keep the unit from clogging and the lube from drying out
  • Fill with your favorite lube (15ml)
  • US, EU, UK, and ZA Design Protected
  • International Patent Pending

Manufacturers Overview:

Ryder Innovation is a brand that emerged after 26 years of sourcing, distributing, and marketing high-quality cycling accessories. Drawing on our extensive experience in the industry, we realized that few manufacturers were creating products that addressed the specific needs of cyclists. We set out to design and manufacture affordable, functional, and unique products that would enhance the riding experience. One area we identified as a problem was chain lubrication.

Chain lubrication is a crucial aspect of bicycle maintenance that significantly impacts the bike's efficiency. However, it is often neglected due to concerns about the mess associated with the process. Consumers also struggle with ineffective lubrication, leading them to leave it to the bike shop during servicing. As a result, they do not lubricate the chain as frequently as they should, leading to inefficiency while cycling and the risk of chain breakage.

To address this issue, we developed Luberetta, a simple solution that provides users with a portable 15ml container with a screw-on cap to fill with their favourite lubricant. The patented silicon dispenser ensures that each link on the chain receives adequate lubrication, eliminating waste and mess. By placing Luberetta on the inside bottom half of the chain and backpedalling, each link receives a drop of lube in the middle of the link, where it is most effective.

The Luberetta's patented pincap prevents any leaks during storage, making it easy to carry around while riding or traveling. The silicon dispenser, which took two years to perfect, utilizes surface tension to hold a drop of lube and release it when it hits a link. We provide two spare silicon dispensers, each of which can be used at least 40 times and can be removed, washed, and reused.

At the 2021 Eurobike International show in Germany, Luberetta was recognized as one of the award-winning accessories of 2021. There is no other product on the market that matches the Luberetta's effectiveness in simplifying the lubrication process and ensuring proper lubrication of the chain.


Patented applicator head

The Patented dispenser is designed to apply a drop of lube on every link as the chain is rotated. This makes it quick, easy and most importantly cleaner than any other chain lube on the market. The quicker it is, the more likely it is that you will do it more often, reducing drive train wear and improving your shifting.

Replaceable Silicon inserts:

The Luberetta comes with two extra Silicon applicators. Chains are highly destructive and so when the head wears out, you can replace the applicator with a new one, adding a new lease of life to your favorite chain lube applicator, twice.

Compact size – easy to take along on any ride.

The 15ml Luberetta is the perfect size to take along for any ride. Stash it in your saddle bag, shirt pocket, short pocket, briefcase or tape it to your bike. Always ready to lube your chain on the go.

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