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Ryder Innovation

Ryder Cage Mount

Ryder Cage Mount

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Bike Bottle Cage mounting base – anti-slip rubberized straps – rubber base - mount anywhere on the frame or fork – Sturdy accessory mount - 64mm spacing – includes bolts for mounting cage or accessories - also fits stroller, golf cart.

About this item:

  • No tools needed – easy to install and remove
  • Anti-slip Velcro holds mount firmly in place, either vertically or horizontally
  • Rubber base grips tightly on any surface (flat or round)
  • Angled design tilts water bottle away from frame/seat post as required: allows for easy access and more secure fit
  • Includes custom screws for perfect cage or accessory attachment
  • Install multiple cage mounts on a single bike
  • standard 64mm spacing to suit any other accessory that can go on a cage mount – pump, racks, tools, camp equipment, etc.
  • ZA Design Patented 

Manufacturers Overview:

Attaching a water bottle cage to your bike frame, seat post or fork can be a simple yet effective way to stay hydrated on the go. With our Cage Mount, you can do it in seconds and have access to your bottle at any time.

Crafted from tough fibre-glass-filled nylon, our Cage Mount features cleverly designed loops that conform to the shape of the tube or bar you're wrapping it on. You can pull the loops as tightly as you want, as they're virtually unbreakable, just like a plastic tie.

High-Quality Velcro

We use high-quality nonslip Velcro that sticks to itself, so there are no untidy loops. Simply thread through, pull tight, and your Cage Mount is securely in place. To ensure it sits on any surface, we've included a rubber base that conforms to the shape of the mounting surface, whether flat or round. Together with the anti-slip Velcro, the Cage Mount is sturdy and stable once fitted.


Angled Design

The angled design of the rubber ensures that the bottle always faces upwards, no matter where you mount it. Make sure you use a water bottle cage that holds your bottle tightly, especially if in the horizontal position. Many such cages are available.


When you're finished riding, release the Velcro straps to remove the Cage Mount, or just take out the water bottle until the next time.

The Cage Mount is manufactured by Ryder Innovation, a company renowned for winning numerous awards for innovative bicycling-focused designs such as Luberetta and Groove Tool Pro.

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